About The Aussie JackStrap

The Aussie JackStrap Mk II is a lightweight portable lifting device, capable of lifting loads up to 175 kilos! Now featuring bigger hooks with added safety clips and a better lock!

Weighing only 1.25 Kilos, the Aussie Jackstrap is extremely lightweight and compact. The Jackstrap is based on the principle of a traditional Block & Tackle. The friction that traditionally plagues block & tackle devices has all but been eliminated by mounting the roller axles on ball bearings. The major innovations of the Jackstrap lie in the design of the brake located in the upper sheave, the layout of the rollers in the sheaves and the simplification of construction and assembly.

It consists of 4 wraps of 25mm Webbing, 10 metres long, passing over 6 nylon rollers in 2 separate sheaves or frames. Each sheave has an attaching hook and one has an aluminum locking pawl incorporated into it. Put simply, the Jackstrap allows a load to be lifted easily and without fear of the load slipping back while lifting or securing the load. The braking system is fully automatic.
The Aussie Jackstrap has many uses. It has been used by as a Calf Puller, for home butchering lifts, leg Hoists to trim cattle feet, as well as the usual chores of lifting engines, pumps, compressors, welders, gas bottles & tool boxes onto utes & trailers. Other uses include; hoisting Kayaks from vehicles, manouvering roller doors into position, lifting loads from camper trailers, taking canopies from Utes, and hauling game carcasses onto trucks. The Aussie Jackstrap is as useful in a horizontal or angled position as it is on a vertical lift.

It's great strengths are its portability and the patented auto locking system. It's small size and light weight means that you can use it almost anywhere. It allows you to get into tight spaces as, or take it with you on field trips as well as the heaving lifting in the shed.

It is safe to use because of the auto locking system. Simply let go of the strap and it locks into place preventing the load from falling.